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About_Priorities_of_Management.pdf.jpg2018About Priorities of ManagementLordkipanidze, Revaz; Chlaidze, Davit; Stepnadze, N.; Ebrelidze, S.; Lordkipanidze, M.; Lordkipanidze, S.; Gunia, A.
American Studies on Economic Wonderworks and Goodness....pdf.jpg2018American studies on economic wonderworks and goodness: My half-century sincere love and scientific interestsLordkipanidze, Revaz; Gunia, A.
CompetitionIsNotJoke....pdf.jpg2018Competition is not a Joke and in the Era of Electronics It Must Be Protected Especially TbilisiLordkipanidze, Revaz
CompetitiveInternationalBusinessAndEffective.pdf.jpg2018Competitive international business and effective state neuroeconomic mechanismsLordkipanidze, Revaz; Gunia, A.
DialecticsToUnderstandingOfInternationalCompetition.pdf.jpg2018Dialectics to understanding of International competition: for fundamentals and practice of business and public lawLordkipanidze, Revaz
EconomicCompetitionUrgent NeedInRethinkingandUnprecedented Perspectives by Internet.pdf.jpg2018Economic Competition: Urgent Need in Rethinking and Unprecedented Perspectives by InternetLordkipanidze, Revaz
TheEfficiencyOfAnInternationalEconomisCompetition.pdf.jpg2017The efficiency of an international economic competition (for the theory and practice)Lordkipanidze, Revaz; ლორთქიფანიძე, რევაზ; Лордкипанидзе, Реваз; Chlaidze, David; ჩლაიძე, დავით; Члаидзе, Давит
Efficiency of Manager’s Characteristic Features.pdf.jpg2018Efficiency of Manager’s Characteristic FeaturesLordkipanidze, Revaz
EngineerEconomistNeedfulDoctorforFutureCompetitiveMarket.pdf.jpg2018Engineer-economist - Needful Doctor for Future Competitive MarketLordkipanidze, Revaz; Gunia, A.
ForInternationalAntimonopol.pdf.jpg2014For international antimonopoly policy against poverty in effective structure of world economy (Conception)Lordkipanidze, Revaz; ლორთქიფანიძე, რევაზ
TheForceOfInternationalCompetition.pdf.jpg2017The Force of International Competition (For the Fundamentals of Business and Law) TbilisiLordkipanidze, Revaz; ლორთქიფანიძე, რევაზ; Лордкипанидзе, Реваз; Chlaidze, David
InfluenceOfScientific-technicalLevelOnLivingStandard.pdf.jpg2018Influence of Scientific-technical Level on Living StandardLordkipanidze, Revaz
InternationalEconomicCompetitionAndCompetitiveManagementTheory.pdf.jpg2019International Economic Competition and Competitive Management TheoryLordkipanidze, Revaz; ლორთქიფანიძე, რევაზ; Лордкипанидзе, Реваз; ჩლაიძე, დავით
Lessons_Learned_From_My_500_Works.pdf.jpg2019Lessons learned from my 500 works published in network of scientists Researchgate by supported of American cosmic NASA for understanding of the burning issues of International Economic CompetitionLordkipanidze, Revaz; ლორთქიფანიძე, რევაზ; Лордкипанидзе, Реваз
My_Wonderful_Harvard_Course.pdf.jpg2018My wonderful harvard course "U.S. public policy: social, economic and foreign policies"Lordkipanidze, Revaz
New_Management.pdf.jpg2016The new competitive managementLordkipanidze, Revaz; ლორთქიფანიძე, რევაზ; Лордкипанидзе, Реваз
ObjectiveEquilibriumRealismInEconomyforPerfectCompetition.pdf.jpg2018Objective Equilibrium Realism in Economy for Perfect CompetitionLordkipanidze, Revaz
TheObjectiveLawofCompetition.pdf.jpg2015The Objective Law of CompetitionLordkipanidze, Revaz; ლორთქიფანიძე, რევაზ
ObjectiveLawsFromWiseCompetitionAndMarathon.pdf.jpg2021Objective Laws from Wise Competition and Marathon of Life for Strengthen INTERPOLLordkipanidze, Revaz; ლორთქიფანიძე, რევაზ; Лордкипанидзе, Реваз
Optimisticgrowthoftheworldeconomytoward2019and....pdf.jpg2018Optimistic growth of the world economy toward 2019 and what we should do for optimal competitionLordkipanidze, Revaz